What is EURAS?

EURAS, the European Academy for Standardisation e.V., was founded in Hamburg in 1993 by researchers from various academic fields (i.e. economics, engineering, social sciences, law, and information sciences). It is a registered society under German civil law, and a non-profit organization. The foundation of EURAS was prompted by a common desire to promote and achieve progress in the academic treatment of standardisation, involving the widest possible range of disciplines.

Objective: "EURAS' objective is to promote research, education and publication in the field of standardisation."

The society's activities focus on:

  • promoting standardization research,
  • a critical evaluation thereof in the interest of scientific education,
  • improving opportunities to publish research results, and
  • supporting the development and professionalization of standards education.

EURAS offers a platform for exchanging information, collaboration and dissemination. It does so by organising annual EURAS conferences and publishing the conference proceedings, the EURAS Yearbook and other publications.

The conferences draw academic researchers with different disciplinary backgrounds, representatives from national and regional standards bodies, representatives from government agencies and company representatives, who share an interest in standardisation. In principle, conference presentations can address any aspect and field of standardisation. In the past, there have been lectures on standards for IT and telecom, scientific methods, accountancy, water quality, gas, infrastructures, etc.

While EURAS emphasizes the need for increased European co-operation, it is internationally oriented and welcomes the participation from and collaboration with colleagues from other regions.


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EURAS 2018 Conference Registration

The 23rd edition of the EURAS Conference is open for registration. The Conference will be held at Dublin City University from 13-15 Juni 2018. The conference theme is 'Standards for a Smarter Future'.

For more information see the conference page.

EURAS 2018 Conference Extended Call for Papers

The 23rd edition of the EURAS Conference will be held at Dublin City University from 13-15 Juni 2018. The organisation committee of EURAS and the National Standards Authority of Ireland have published the Call for Papers.The conference theme is 'Standards for a Smarter Future'.

Please submit papers by 18 February 2018. Notification will be sent out on or before 20 March. The deadline for the final paper is 3 April.

You'll find the call for papers in the download section.

Final EURAS 2017 Conference Program

31 May 2017

UPDATE: The Final Program of the 22nd EURAS 2017 Conference is available online. You'll find it in the downloads in the 2017 Conference folder.