EURAS and standardization research

EURAS wants to promote interdisciplinary research on standards of all kinds and in all fields. In the past, papers at EURAS Workshops addressed standardization of scientific methods, IT and telecom standards, accountancy standards, standards for water quality, standards for gas, infrastructure standards, etc.

To support researchers, EURAS provides

  • opportunities for knowledge exchange and feedback among peers (that is, colleagues from the academic world, from industry and, not in the least, from the standards world),
  • information about ongoing research projects, and
  • information about funding opportunities

by means of EURAS Workshops (this includes organising discussants for paper presenters where possible), the EURAS Workshop proceedings, the EURAS Yearbook, the EURAS Newsletter and the mailing list.

Collaboration among EURAS members has led inter alia to interdisciplinary EU-funded research projects and articles.

  • Click here for the details on the EURAS yearbook
  • Click here to order the EURAS yearbook
  • Click here for the EURAS book series on standardization (link not valid)

The EURAS workshop proceedings

Only the proceedings of the EURAS workshops held in 2001, 2003-2008 are still available. The tables of contents and the orderform for the EURAS Workshops can be downloaded from the downloads page.


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EURAS 2018 Conference Registration

The 23rd edition of the EURAS Conference is open for registration. The Conference will be held at Dublin City University from 13-15 Juni 2018. The conference theme is 'Standards for a Smarter Future'.

For more information see the conference page.

EURAS 2018 Conference Extended Call for Papers

The 23rd edition of the EURAS Conference will be held at Dublin City University from 13-15 Juni 2018. The organisation committee of EURAS and the National Standards Authority of Ireland have published the Call for Papers.The conference theme is 'Standards for a Smarter Future'.

Please submit papers by 18 February 2018. Notification will be sent out on or before 20 March. The deadline for the final paper is 3 April.

You'll find the call for papers in the download section.

Final EURAS 2017 Conference Program

31 May 2017

UPDATE: The Final Program of the 22nd EURAS 2017 Conference is available online. You'll find it in the downloads in the 2017 Conference folder.