2024 Travel & Accommodation

2024 Travel & Accommodation

The city of Delft

The 28th edition of the EURAS Conference takes place in the beautifu historic city of Delft. The city of Delft Blue, the House of Orange and Johannes Vermeer.

The name Delft is synonymous with porcelain, and this town of 85,000 is justifiably famous for the blue-and-white pottery that Italian immigrant potters began making here in the 1600s. Still, you needn’t be a dinnerware fan to enjoy Delft, which flourished as the 17th Century headquarters of the Dutch East India Company and was home to one of Holland’s greatest painters, Jan Vermeer. 

But the greatest attraction of Delft is the town itself-or at least the historic city center, which is crammed with 17th and 18th Century houses, streets that overlook canals, magnificent public buildings, outdoor markets, and a surprising number of museums.

How to get to Delft

Delft can be easily reached by either public or private transport. Please visit the website of the municipality of Delft to plan your trip.

Hotels in Delft

Westcord Hotel Delft

Olof Palmestraat 2, 2616 LM Delft

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Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre 

Koepoortplaats 3, 2612 RR Delft

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Hotel Arsenaal by Westcord

Korte Geer 1, 2611 CA Delft

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Other hotels

Or book at another hotel in Delft via the website of the municipality of Delft.