EC Standardisation Researchers Network

Dr. Paul Moritz Wiegmann

Eindhoven University of Technology - Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences

Dr. Kai Jakobs

RWTH Aachen University - Computer Science

Mr. B. Zuijdgeest

Institute for Advanced Certification -

Prof.Dr. María A. Sáenz-Nuño

Universidad Pontificia Comillas -

Mr. Johan Ingvarson

Lund University - Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety

Mr. Ivan Hendrikx

esth -

Dr. Kerstin J. Schaefer

Leibniz University Hanover - Institute for Economic and Cultural Geography

Mr. Lennart Schott

Leibniz University Hannover - Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography

Dr. Matt Heckman

Zuyd University of Applied Science - MHMS

Dr. Cesare Riillo

STATEC Research -